Where is your next adventure? Let's do Barbados!

Each country boasts a unique culture, landscape and history. Its people, over the course of time develop adoration for cuisine based on these factors. The rich history of Barbados, one of the Western Hemisphere’s ancient settlements, has evolved over the course of four centuries to become what it is today.

The people of this tiny island, with its economy traditionally based on sugar, have become global experts in the creation of rum. Barbados is one of the World’s premiere destinations for lovers of rum, food and beer, made easy by the island’s ready supply of fresh, clean water and naturally sun-ripened sugar.

The crystal blue water surrounding this 166 square mile Gem of the Caribbean, is rich not only in coral and beautiful formations, but also in tropical fish, particularly the renowned flying fish which has become a national symbol of Barbados, and frequently features in meals prepared

by the island’s skilled cooks and chefs. Our tuna, exported to the USA can be seen fresh from the sea, along with our Mahi-mahi, which is featured on our island’s coat of arms.

Our mouth-watering tour is not only satisfying to your taste buds and your palettes, but gives you the opportunity to traverse several parishes within the island, in a friendly, fun-filled, stress-free four-hour escape which will take you much deeper into paradise than the typical day on the beach ever could.

What do they eat? How is it prepared? How was the island discovered? These questions are readily answered, and by the end of our tour we are confident that some of the Bajan delicacies you sample and witness being served and prepared will end up on your list of favourites, and some of the people you meet may very well become friends on your Facebook page.

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“Where is your next adventure?”